Back to work.

PaintingsIts been at least a bit of time since I last posted. As always, this isn’t because I haven’t been busy. In fact, I have been plenty busy, and I am happy to note that I am now just a few more canvases, ideas, and hours away from having a new series of paintings done.

These works here mainly follow my previous ‘Iteration’ series of works onto canvas. The 3 I am showing are part of an idea I explore called Viriditas. Which I have dealt with quite a bit in other posts, such as here. But now I finally feel I have been able to get to giving it the attention it deserves in paint.

I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few years addressing these ideas in drawings, and now turning them loose in paint is proving extremely absorbing. There is also a component of learning how to paint these images.I am focusing in on surfaces right now, and keeping things simple, thick brushstrokes flattened out. I keep remembering something somewhere between Anime robots, Korean quilting, Mayan codices, cellular life, and all the vernal mud about to appear from under the layers of snow we have here now. There is a lot to come from the pursuit, and I think there will be quite a bit happening with coming future works.

I will have more to say about these pieces come spring, when I am perhaps better able to talk about (and photograph) each painting individually.

For now, they are spring creatures, like the mud, dozing beneath the snow and waiting.