Blue Connect


More time at play this week. New paintings emerging in their moments and I am finding my vocabulary more and more automatic.


More blue, more bodies, more actions strung together and splitting apart. Little attempts at trying to make everything dance. Codices from a race of ancient machines. The new studio is all kinds of hot, despite a good many inches of insulation, when the sun pounds down, the heat will poor in. Its pretty intense actually, so no doubt the choice of cool watery blues is an easy one.This painting is a connection to old ideas, but its also a point forward for a number of works that I am starting now.


At the moment, I am at the verge of a whole new series, going back and mixing together a few new elements with some old themes. I would like to use the word verge as a kind of verb, as though I were verging.  Because the act of moving forward feels like a very slow process. Its a back and forth movement of getting things organized and ready to move. Its frustrating for me, because I have been keen on getting this new series out for some time. But it is also a bit reassuring, because I think that the slowness is coming from me genuinely figuring out a path forward.


I try to move like water and fit the spaces in front of me. Slow, but steady.