Blue robotics amid the setting sun Iterations 14.03

Blue Robotics Orange Sunset by Andrew Conti Painter Artist

Blue Robotics in the Setting Sun 14.03, Acrylic on Canvas, 20″ x 16″, 2014

Recent paintings have been all about exploration. After completing my Viriditas series, I have moved on to some experiments with color. Little ideas that have been dancing about in my mind and sketchbook. Voyages around the palette to get my mind focused and forming up my ideas.

From the work comes work, and from color comes color. The experience of a bright fiery orange sunset, gives way to all the blue shadows it creates. I love that colliding energy of complements eating at each other while they make each other. It is most uncanny in the mix between strong light.

The landscape here is about this conflict and engagement. A splattering across the canvas. A mountain in the process of being built, and all the natural forces bumping, building, grinding, and growing into something new.A robot building itself in the setting sun.

All the while captured in the argument of bright red-oranges and water deep blues. These colors seem to be top of mind of late as well. A few more works are in the works, and the directions feel quite right at the moment.

More to come shortly.