Fits, Starts, Winters, Springs and the path forward


Getting things going

As part of my continuing work this year, I am hoping to bring a lot more clarity to my blog. But just what that will mean in total, is still something I think will take a fair amount of time. Part of my thinking is to continue documenting my transition to fully working independently. My plan at present is to keep this documenting at once a month, just reviewing where I am and what my next steps are. Also looking at projects and plans that are coming up and what I need to be getting done for them.


That said, I am starting January by doing one of these posts right from the get go. Just want to write out where I am and whats going on.


So, where am I?


At present I have just further reduced my dayjob workload, so that I am now officially working part-time. I am using this added time to pick up a few more freelance gigs, reach out to network with other creators, and to improve my skills in a few areas to help in acquiring future work. I am also devoting a bit of time to building a few projects which should be launched later in the year. So, the short story is I remain incredibly busy.


Its definitely a period of adjustment for us and it is also a financial transition as well. This isn’t so much for lost hours, but the loss of insurance benefits. Luckily, I live in Pennsylvania, which seems to have a lot more options for health insurance then some of our neighboring states. So, while thats an increased expense, it certainly isn’t a back breaker. It is making an already tight budget even tighter, but hopefully things will be picking up soon.


In related news, I have retreated from my studio space. I had hoped to have it a bit more winterized by now, but the unfortunate truth is that I just have’t gotten it done. New house equals lots of little jobs, and the studio unfortunately got pushed back a bit. I am continuing to work on it, but its at the outer limits of my skill level when it comes to home improvements, so its a bit of slow going. And right now it is crazy cold in there, so it will indeed take some time.


This reminds me. Edward Redfield was one tough motherfucker. This guy used to go out in the woods in the dead of winter and paint away like it was a sunny summer afternoon. He would tie his canvases to a tree and just keep going for hours on end while the snow fell around him. When folks tell you that artists aren’t tough or that they are wimpy or something like that, you should add Redfield to your come-back list. He lived in the same area I live in now, so I would like to draw some inspiration from him. That man could deal with some cold.


But I am not like him, and although I am usually pretty good in the cold, I am packing it in until at least March.


Along with my studio, I am working steadily on several other projects right now. Many are for Chaku-Chaku and will be revealed and celebrated throughout the year. Others are entirely new and are in the nucleus stage of their intended futures. I don’t like to hold off on talking about these things, but their final shape is still not completely certain, so it only makes sense.


I am actually rather  impatient about these projects all together. So many ideas and things I would like to get done. Its much harder having all these ideas and needing to be patient in crafting them, then it is to not talk about them.


Soon enough I will have work to show and much to talk about.


Elsewhere, and in a similar vain, I am awaiting numerous emails. These emails will take all kinds of forms and bring all kinds of news to me. But suffice to say they are all key to my being involved with larger projects moving forward. Its all related to my work, and if I start to think about them too much then I will get all antsy. And I am generally not a fan of ants. Especially in winter. Horrible winter ants.


But that is a basic status report, and thinking over it, I realize it is very wintry in its content. All kinds of seeds in the ground, and I am waiting inside for them to start to grow. I am preparing my tools and my abilities for the long haul. Right now its just working hard and practicing patience.