Henry Darger or Picasso?

Eyes, Sketch, 2007


To be known by everyone, or a complete unknown.


Is your art only worth it when everyone knows you, blogs you and tweets you? Is success a major gallery show, a retrospective at the MOMA, or enough sales to sustain your lifestyle? Is your goal to be remembered by the current class of cultural caretakers as they pass out stamps of approval and awe?


Or does it all happen alone? In a small cramped studio as you construct the most amazing stories  from the depths of the glorious gifts of imagination? Does it matter that no one but your own creations will know what you have achieved?


Will you be remembered for a time as a great, or will you be discovered at some point and for a time be the regretted symbol of things overlooked and unknown.


Just keep working, I am sure it will figure itself out someday.