Introducing the Tankempitsu

Drawings by artist Andrew Conti Tankempitsu

For the past few months I have been wanting to do two things online. One has been starting a Tumblr blog, and another has been finding a place to start recording and sharing my sketches online. So, with a new sketch blog I am calling the Tankempitsu, I am getting to try out both of these things for the new year.

Takempitsu is a mix of two Japanese words, tanken meaning exploration, and empitsu meaning pencil. This captures what I am setting out to do with this blog – sharing my explorations in drawing on a daily basis. For me drawing, especially in my sketchbook, is all about exploration and discovery. I take my pencils (and pens) out for walks and find what I can, trying new things, and searching for new experiences.

This will give me a chance to share drawings from my iterations series along with various drawings that will lead to paintings or larger work. And of course there will also be drawings that will be totally on their own as little explorations of thoughts and possibilities.

Of course, it will also give me a chance to try out Tumblr and take part in all that is happening there. I’ve been following a ton of blogs on there for a while, so I am finally diving in. Should be fun.

I will be adding new drawings each day, so feel free to follow along and let me know what you think.