Iterations: Blue 1106


Iterations: Blue 1106
ink and watercolor on paper

Emanations, pulsing growth and spiraling swarms.


The more I draw, the less I feel in control. I get to make all these decisions, but I can’t be sure where the decisions might be coming from. It becomes a flow of mind and hand, sometimes the brain leads and at other points the mind lets go and the hand just knows what to do. I know when the choices made are right and when they are wrong, but I always have a hard time verbalizing the what and why of those decisions.


This of course is when drawing is most fulfilling – when you are making and achieving things that you can’t really define in other ways. You find yourself wrapped up in a space where so many feelings and sensations can come directly through in line and color, but have no existence otherwise.


Its a point at which you no longer need words. At least until the drawing is done. Then you have to find your way back.