Iterations: Blue 1116


Iterations: Blue 1116
ink and watercolor on paper

I love laying out and looking up at the clouds. Its so easy for your mind to start connecting the lines and masses to discover some face or animal, fantasy landscape or startling portrait. There is nothing more entertaining than finding a narrative tucked into the rolls and curls of a nimbus cloud.


But what of the sky itself? When you are staring up at those clouds, how often do you find the blue of the sky connecting together to create some pattern in your mind. In so many ways its just as easy. Blue is deep and soft, a pillow of a color that lays across your mind and seeps in like dye.


Even on cloudless days its worth it to lay out and watch the sky, what forms is of course more subtle but it is in its own way more impressive. Blue is a spirit in the soul and slithers and wraps around your thoughts until it forms a deep abiding abyss filled with a space you somehow have always felt but never knew was there.


Iteration Blue 1116 comes from just such a place. Somewhere I have never been but immediately fills me with a sense of deja vu. Blue reaching out to my mind and taken over.