Iterations: Blue 1123



Iterations: Blue 1123
ink and watercolor on paper

The year starts slow, but there is a growing  new energy flickering with with new ideas. Large masses float in space and and are consumed by the matter around them. They reach out and start to feel the lack of limitations. Blue like the sky, blue like the water, blue like the clouds of a formless nebula pushing out to the edges of everything. reaching forward with no sense of return, or achievement. A reminder to continue to move out, to continue to expand, and continue to reach.


Its a new year, and it certainly feels like a new beginning around here. So much to get done, and so many long-contemplated plans now to be put into action. Nerves are tight, and the mind wonders to larger thoughts, reminding myself of how things are always bigger than you imagine, and what worries you today is little more than a flake of dandruff on the shoulders of the universe.


This year more than any in my life feels like the threshold of better-than-ever or the last solid ground before walking off a cliff.  So much excitement mixed with so much uncertainty.


But you can’t clutch onto anything.

Just continue to reach.