Iterations: Brown 1119


Iterations: Brown 1119
ink and watercolor on paper

Autumn always has its own set of colors. Deep earths and clays, deceptively masked as the center of an old fire.


But really, when I start drawing with Autumn in mind, I usually have only warm thoughts.


Bonfires, sweaters, Laying down on beds of leaves. Mushroom stews and Miso Nabe.

Coming inside on a cold November afternoon to the wonderful warmth of a house filled with family and friends.


These ideas take over a form and use their colors to conjure up memories. I think sometimes that memories can take a real form and start moving along. Thats part of what these drawings are, emotions and memories, ideas picking themselves up and replicating. They spread like a robotic colony of bacteria.


Held in check by the colorful forms of autumn memory.