Iterations: Brown 1128



Iterations: Brown 1128
ink and watercolor on paper

Designing better incubators.


Lately I have been spending an unusual amount of time thinking of warmth and soil.


In a literal sense, it remains so cold outside that I can do little but think of better and better ways to stay warm. Its to the point that I think it becomes a kind of hobby. Imagining heaters and radiant lamps, pocket warmers and new shapes and purposes for my trusty yutampo.


Soil too is on my mind, since for the first time in my life I own a significant stretch of outdoor space, and I am  researching how we can set up a happy and safe space to grow on come spring. And I am thinking often of spring.


Looking into the dirt you start to see its patterns of color, texture, and even its weather. Warm here, cooler there. Pooled everywhere, over everything. A system on its own connecting everything. Perhaps there is no finer a construction material? No finer an incubator?


These outward thoughts are a reflection of inner longing. I continue working to put myself and my work together. Everything is about building a space in which to grow what we envision.


We long for the dirt and warm the sun through which to stretch and grow. We dig in to incubate ourselves and our souls for the possibilities.

From here to the next adventure.