Iterations: Green 1107



When drawing I always work from large spaces to small. Masses reach out and overtake  the ground like cells multiplying. The smaller parts begin appearing throughout, and claim the newly created spaces as their own. I start to see patterns emerge in my shapes and I hope against hope that I am in my own way mimicking a part of nature and its complexity.


I lose myself in the best of my drawings – conscious to nothing but the movements of my fingers. And as I work, my mind wanders to patterns of nature – geometry, fractals, repetition, cellular movement and development.


What a fantastic place it would be to know that in some way your drawings fulfill the phenotypic longings of all your natural ancestors. That somehow in your lines are the same motivations for a bees dance, a wolf’s howl or the way a weed goes.


These are the aspirations I tend to have when drawing. Its a place to go.