Iterations: Violet 1108



Violet is a color I didn’t work with much when I was younger, but I have grown to love it recently– adding it to so many palettes of late.


Mostly violet is pretty difficult to work with for me, because its a recurring flavor of schizophrenia in every work.  Violet, it seems, never escapes its tendency to constantly teeter within itself. Confusion suits it so easily, as it readily becomes an insecure liar wishing itself blue or dressing up in the look of pink. At once it’s both warm and cool, wanting to be up with you but also slinking into far space to get a way.


The Violet personality is one that adapts to whoever is standing next to it. As soon as its with friends things clarify,  it stands tall and projects meaning and depth. In its relationships, violet becomes itself.


In the cool palette of 1108, blue is icy water holding the stream together. Its structure clasping together and locking in form. Violet is the motion. A young girl pushing out of the river and running across its surface.  Blue waters are always amazing – calm pools of hope and release. Violet, however, is where the waves live.