Iterations: Violet 1111


The black freighter, black holes, the Black ships of Commodore Perry.


It fascinates me to see all the powerful images of large dark creatures that roam through the myths and imaginations of human stories. Large impenetrable blobs of terror and or mystery that seem to fill not only a space in the landscape but also an emotional one as well. Landscapes where are hearts also reside.


These mythic masses seem far more often to come in the high contrasts of black or white. Which is fitting, considering how the supposed purity of those 2 colors make them so artificial compared the smeared mixes of things colored naturally. Rarely if ever do we encounter masses of blue, or yellow, or violet. There is no great viridian ship that looms over our city poised to change our culture forever.


Its a shame really. Imagine what it would mean to find a hulking violet mass crashing down upon us. Beady tendrils flashing and glowing as they bash into the walls of our consciousness. Twisting, pulsating and digging into the earth before us.


I for one am all in favor of more colorful nightmares.