Mindful retreats and reformulations



Hi All,


For the past few weeks I have been trying to formulate what I want this blog to be going forward, and I have been getting a bit stuck. A few posts ago I articulated a vision, which I saw at the time as being sort of an ideal for this blog. The further along I have gone with that idea though, the more I see it doesn’t quite fit into my emerging focus on work and developnment.


The big thing is that I have really thrown myself into building up my independent work-life, and that is taking quite a bit of time. I also need to put my focus in the areas of development that are most important to me –  drawing, painting, and coloring. These are where my energies are headed now, and the blog isn’t totally in line with them at present. I remain well aware of the importance of having this website as a tool for myself to reach out to the world, and part of renewing my focus will inevitably lead to several projects meshing together and me coming back to the blog in a different and more aligned way. But for now I feel the need to pare down.

So, the long and short is that I am going to take a bit of a mindful retreat from a strict blogging schedule. Beginning next week, I will just be posting my regular monday drawings. And then from there I will transition to posting more artwork in the coming months. Another big component of this will be actually taking the time to get the design of my site to where and what I want it to be.

Thanks for you attention and interest.