Painting by Andrew Conti Artist

I don’t really care for windows. At least as far as painting goes.

I don’t want my work to be some portal to look through and see another universe or reality.

Quite the reverse.

I want my work to be more to the affect of something having come from another place or universe and establish it’s presence in our own.

I want my paintings to be objects in our world. Not simply something to hang on the wall and glance at, but something that comes out from the wall and takes up space in our environment. Something that forces a viewer to be aware of it’s presence, not simply it’s imagery.

This need for a painting to be an object seems more and more important to me in a time when I feel we experience so many images through the internet. I am lover of Instagram to be sure. So much access, so whenever you want it. Instagram is image-cigarettes, there for a fix whenever you need it.

But it makes me long to be in front of a real painting more than anything else. To see the surfaces and feel them visually. As great as an image may look on a glass screen, it will always have that glass surface, and it won’t have it’s actual surface. The screen as visual intermediary has just grown tired.

So I work to keep pushing my paintings out into the world more and more. I took a few pictures from the sides just to show some of their depth. This is fairly typical of my work these days. I’m still trying to find better ways to show it in photos.