Paint what you want, time machines are everywhere.


Please stop worrying about this age or that age, the way things are now as opposed to then. You talk constantly of what can’t be done because its moment has passed, and how if it, or you, or the world outside was just a bit more mature, or young, or at the end of its life – how then you could manage to pull off the work, or make the painting sing, or just get it to get right and be.

Or so you assume. So sure that time has such a dramatic role to play.

You talk of the better-ness of bygone ages and the passing of great times. All their names and places melted by nothing more than the persistent rotation of the Earth and its revolutions around the Sun.

But do you look outside and see these things, or have you found them in some book, or heard them talked about by talkers on a TV show.

No matter the case, here’s a time machine in the shape of an alarm clock. It’s sent to remind you that now, because you are awake, you can get to work on whatever you want. You can choose your time and give it a name. You’re the tastemaker for yourself and present space. And if you pay attention to that, care for it and nourish it, you will almost certainly find yourself not alone.

There are as of today somewhere over 7 billion people in the world as far as anyone can say. And some of them will go along with you if you say something, because quite likely they have felt the same all along.

So if you say its Paris in the 20’s bring the Montparnasse of your mind with you and get to work. If it’s New York in the 50’s you are free to express abstractly. It could be Italy in the 16th century, or even some day in the royal courts in the midst of the Sung Dynasty. All the history of painting lies ready to be re-activated in your work, its era is not the factor, only the time you have for making it.

This is painting, and you can make what you want when you want in the forms you want, if only you decide to do so. I’m giving you a time machine, in the shape of an alarm clock. Just wake up and get to the works you’ve wanted to work on. Everything outside of that thought is meant to distract you from that thought. You don’t need permission, or the correct time, or the correct place.

You are the place, and the distractions will dissipate if you do it right. So just get in your time machine and go. Let you and the paint you work with make all the calendar’s you need.