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The other week I mentioned that money while easy to worry about is also easy to visualize, handle and calculate in terms of need. That ease is something that helps me relax when thinking about the size and scope of my yearlong plans. Of course chief among my goals is acquiring work and other opportunities for income, so I have started applying measurable targets to these aspects as well. By having clear goals I believe I will increase my focus and improve my chances for success.


Among the several work areas that I have mentioned here, flatting remains a major source of my freelance income. At present, I have 3 regular clients and my target over the next few months is to double this number to 6. My reasoning here is simple. I do not get consistent levels of work from all of my clients. Some have more work one month, and less the next. With 3 clients this tends to balance out, but not always. By adding more clients, I am essentially adding greater security to my freelance income, so that if 1 or 2 clients have less work one month, it won’t affect me much at all. Or if a client was to go away completely, it would  be a much smaller reduction to replace.


With my coloring, I continue to practice and improve my skills with the goal of having 1 consistent client by January of the new year.


For The Chaku Chaku Studio, we currently have 2 clients. And while it is unclear that they will be recurring, we are aiming to increase this to six clients by July of next year. It may be difficult to get regular clients at first, but we feel there are a lot of possibilities to explore and expand.


My translation and Photoshop work are similar to this, and I intend to increase my clients from 2 so far this year to 6 each next year.


Painting and drawing are somewhat of a different story. At present I have sold 5 pieces this year and hope to increase that to over 10 pieces. Whatever my total, my target for next year is to double it. Over the next few months I will expand my online presence for selling work, and I’m working for a gallery show as well.


The last aspect of my income is EBay. Recently I have focused on the other aspects mentioned here and haven’t made any EBay sales. I have though collected several things that are ripe for sale, and once we have moved in to our new place and gotten set up I will get back to it. My goal for next year is to pass the $500.00 mark for all sales.


So there you have it. A few basic numbers to my goals in order to focus in and get them done. Reports will follow over the next few months as to how I am doing and what happens next.


I enjoy sketching out targets for myself and I have tried to set realistic, but challenging numbers. This is a rough idea, and I am constantly refining and evaluating my plans. Suffice to say, there is more to the story and more to come.


Okay, so you have read what I have had to say. Do you have any better ideas for setting targets, or other possibilities for measurement? Would love to hear your own goals for the rest of the year. Just hit that comment button below.

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