Pursuing green



I’ve talked about the concept of viriditas here on my blog before. A sci-fi inspired way of looking at the natural world as a mechanism for something larger than ourselves.  Intriguing for me is how it represents nature as a mechanical force in the cosmos. Something moving on its own, that we are a part of, but that is ambivalent about most things but the desire for growth.


I spend a good deal of time thinking about viriditas lately. I think about what it is both as an idea and its visual components. Ceaseless growth, evolving complexity,  cold slow reaching,  endless forms most beautiful . And of course viriditas is inescapably suffused with green.


And green is everywhere. It is the most abundant color humans can see. It is the leaves, the grass, the sprouts, the lichen and the decay. Computer boards and organs. Mucus and algae.


I’m working with viriditas these days. Working towards it and finding its track. Another image in progress/ in exploration. Slow, steady and green.


No post next week. I will taking sometime to get a few other things done around here, and then hopefully soon to get on to a new and more dynamic blog schedule.