Rinpa Play

At play with Honami KoetsuAt play with Rinpa paintings  Pine_Trees.W.Blue ShohakuAC
My love for Rinpa and the painting of the early Edo era has been rising quite a bit lately. I’ve been tearing through tons of books, websites, and the occasional downloadable PDF just to find new images to spend time staring at.

I’m also making a little space for play. Doodling over a few in photoshop. Just for fun and to see what I see. I think sometimes I get a little nervous about myself when I spend too much time staring at a picture.

These doodles are a way of just activating some of the time I spend staring. In photoshop I can zoom around and notice all sorts of things in an image. And then I can just doodle over it and have at it with some color. In the activity of it, new things are revealed.

And one can think all sorts of new things.