September Seeking

Andrew Conti Artist Sketches

Cool Air and cooler times, This now is the season of an active heart.

This is very true for me. Throughout my life I have several times fallen in love with some activity, some place, or some person in the months of September and October. Something about the change of the light and the air, makes me light up inside, and brings the things around me into focus.
It was September when I had my first overwhelming childhood crush, when I first really learned to love to draw, when I first fell in love with New York, and when I first felt fully at home in Tokyo.
I’m in love again with drawing right now. I have been running through a drawing pad of late–working out more images of gods and monsters, protectors and demons. All moving along at pace. Expect to see those soon.
And of course there is always paint. A new stack of tubes just arrived, and I am high on the possibility of colors.
This year, the object of my affections seem to shifting to a strange sort of narrative forming in my head. Inaudible to anyone else, a strange sound is rumbling through the studio. While the last few months of summer had me experimenting with all sorts of things, I now see myself settling into a direction for a while. Again, this is about narrative and about crafting something a bit larger in scope on a canvas.
A few images are just starting to take shape around here, and they’ll be working themselves out of the studio in the next few months.
Outside the arrival of autumn insects adds a little chorus to my evening work. That along with the cool air makes things grand.