Sketch – Get it Going


Drawing can be at times a way to meditate, a way to let go of all the stress of the week. It’s not just an escape though, it is always a way of processing reality. I like that drawing as an activity stays perfectly balanced between leisure and work. An activity in the sweet spot of the wandering and serious mind.

These are busy times these days indeed. Counting down to the solstice and all that comes with the season. I enjoy taking it easy for the holidays, letting the mind flow away. The new year is about to rise though, and so the rest is about rejuvenation and readying myself for all that is to come. And I imagine many exciting things for 2015.

Drawing is always that steadying central practice in my life. There when I am tired to pull me up, consoling in depression, calming when things are excited. It is the always open gateway, that leads us everywhere.

And perhaps best of all is the power drawing has to always reminds me: It is better to get it going than to get it right.

That is my closing thought for the year. See you all in 2015.