Stepladders and shrimp body parts


Viriditas 11.14

Viriditas 11.14
Acrylic on Canvas
24” x 48”


Stepladders and shrimp body parts.

I’m never sure when a line is too lose or when it is too rigid. I want to, within in my works, end up somewhere in between being technical – like a schematic, or a child’s robot toy – and the emotional and comforting – like a patchwork blanket, or a field of warm grass.

When beginning a work in a sketch and in refining that sketch, I work fairly rigidly. I employ templates, compasses, and stencils to lay out crisp and calculated lines. But as I paint, I give up those things and just hand over everything to my hands and let them figure it all out as I embrace a more loose and wobbled approach to completeness.

All the while making discoveries in the lines, and building and refining in slow fits and starts.