Studio Opened


As I write, I am still moving and unpacking boxes in my new studio space. But gd, I have the new studio space and it is great. Nothing fancy mind you, nothing to show off to Tom Silva or some other building person to whom I am only vaguely aware. No, not even the fact that I haven’t finished painting all the trim areas like windows, or installed any kind of cove or baseboard yet is stopping me from enjoying this.



The space is completely transformed, having gone from this , to what you see now. Some drywall, some electrical work, insulation, and a lot of paint.

Its the largest studio space I have had in a while. Its bright, its airy, its imperfect in lovable ways. And its done, the boxes are freed from our bedroom and random closet corrals. My wife and I no longer have to share a small space and get all grumpy with each other. We can egress to our own spaces and enjoy.



And, of course, by enjoy I mean, throw off the excuses and get down to the act of work. Because just as I now have physical room to spread out, I also now have some mental room to spread out and think. There are no more reasons to delay. The feet start walking.



That is, after we figure out what to do with all the stuff we have had in boxes the past 3 years.