The Central Challenge – Finding a Path

Part of setting up and running this blog is about documenting a change in my work and personal life. That is transitioning from working all-day at a regular job and then working all-night as an artist into being a full-time artist creative. There are numerous reasons I am doing this, but I won’t be documenting them in this post. No doubt you can think of few ideas as to what they are all by yourself.


Suffice to say, I have spent years building my art career up in the wee hours of the night. I have worked long and hard to be an artist, and have had some success of which I am proud. But the next step as I see it is to let go of the steps, and start swimming myself fully into the currents of artist-as-career – to build myself up to the point of doing this as the sustainable center of my life and work.


So, what I am doing in this post is introducing my first and central challenge that this blog will revolve around. That is my one year plan to move out from under the day job and to support my family solely through my freelance and independent efforts.


The challenge is essentially this: In one year from July 1, 2011, I will be working full-time as a freelance creative.


And the goals that comprise this challenge are as follows:


1. To be free from my day job and yet for our family to be bringing in equal or greater income.

2. To be working exclusively in the creative areas that I believe to be my purpose for being on this planet.

3. To be getting paid for results and not for my time, as I believe this to be the surest path to building a life in which my family can be happier, healthier and more capable of achieving all that we hope.


So at present, I have a basic plan as to how to do this, but still have a lot of detail to define. I will be doing so over the next few weeks through posts that examine what I am doing now, my development, and my general adventures both as an artist and as a freelancer.


But today the first step is taken and my journey begins. One foot after the other.


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