The Green Center

Painting by Andrew Conti

The Green Center, Acrylic on Canvas, 14″ x 18″, 2015

Things are changing. My series of white paintings has come to a bit of a conclusion. At least for the moment. There has been a number of ideas building up in me, and I am ready to start exploring them.

I’ve readied a number of new canvases, all small and perfect for experimentation. I will be playing with them for the next little while. Trying out a few things here and there.

To get started with this, I felt myself drawn back to greens and whites. The greens always call me back it seems. Something about that vernal power, a center for new growth.

And that is of course part of what this painting is about. Returning to a center to start working out of. There is a lot of play with drawing in this piece, and a few new configurations of color and form I have been wanting to play with.

Color for me is always the leader, it’s the voice we’ll be singing with. The forms and the lines come later. Like  rhythm and melody driving the song along.