Viriditas 3


Viriditas 3
ink and watercolor on paper

Green is work, and that is what I love about it.


Everything that appears in spring is part of the slow churn of nature’s will. There is no immediate and inspiring bloom that isn’t built upon the  measured movements of life readying itself in some secret section of the ground away from our eyes.  Roots extend, water is absorbed, embryonic shapes take form, seeds ready themselves.Its all work, steady processes, push, pull, refine, rest, investigate, extend, retract, attempt, fail, repeat, repeat and bloom.


Its easy in the explosive moments of spring to neglect the hidden unhurried growth that happens when everything seems still.


I find it really rewarding to think about the processes and mechanics that lead to spring. All those things happening away from our eyes, convincing us the world has gone quiet. It seems like a perfect metaphor for creators. All the actions you take to create and continue, to build and evaluate.


The long wintery processes that lead to a springtime of blooms.