Viriditas and Mycelium


Viriditas 06.14

Viriditas 06.14
Acrylic on Canvas
30” x 40”


Slowly work is coming together.

I stay firmly focused on the green. And all the possibility it entails. Growth and building, connections and combinations. This is the tower, somewhere out in the field, and somehow a part of the field. The field itself growing up and out of the landscape.

All week I have been thinking about those white lines; where they are going and what can be done with them. Each line is a decision in the painting, and somewhere throughout the work, it gets up and leaves the canvas. Where to I wonder?

Recently they start to seem like the stretching body of a mushroom’s mycelium. That is the intertwining vine like structure that makes up the underground body of the mushrooms we see in fields. The mushrooms we know being sort of the mycelium’s flower.

Mycelium are like are large linking net moving through the underground with ever-extending tendrils. They are a key player in the act of decomposition that keeps the life-cycles of our planet stable. Scientists believe that there are Mycelium out there that measure well into the many square kilometers. Including this one in the U.S. that is even larger. Link.

For me they are the net moving across the thoughts of my painting. Holding things together, and growing, waiting to bloom.