Viriditas Continues

Viriditas Painting Andrew Conti

Much continues with my current series of Viriditas paintings.

I’m continuing to work on them and get them ready to show. Although at this point it is a long process of refinement, re-evaluation, and adjustment.

Part of my process now is simply taking snapshots of the work. Seeing how it looks from different angles at different times. I will snap a few shots on my phone in the morning when I arrive at my studio, and then a few before I leave. I like letting the pictures sit on my phone in my pocket, and then when I have a spare moment, when my thoughts are completely elsewhere, I can pull them out and see where the paintings are. Its a kind of living with them.

Sometimes you have a certain set of eyes, and sometimes you have completely different eyes. Each a reflection of mood and thought process. I keep imagining that when all those eyes and thoughts get together and meet, I will truly have something that moves and lives.

I’m waiting for it. And I am waiting for the possibilities it will bring.