Viriditas I

Viriditas I
ink and watercolor on paper

 Viriditas is a concept I think of quite often.

Viriditas, green energy,  the pure pulsing mechanics of nature, moving under, through and over everything that we are. Its the structure, the code, the program by which nature works. Something I am constantly trying to find a way to replicate in my work.


This desire to work with Viriditas as a concept, is as much about finding a way to give it a form built in my personal artistic vocabulary as it is a way to research and understand what it is.


Green energy, is for me quite different from anything related to the marketing term ‘green,’ and I don’t really relate it to any kind of spiritual quest to be closer to nature. Instead its a way of seeing what life is, a beautiful amazing machine that is equal parts cold and terrifying. It is of course the driving energy of life as we know it, full and rich, moving, reproducing and stretching out beyond itself.


But its not love, or joy or any warm and fuzzy spirituality. Its meta, it makes love but answers no questions about its origins. It creates warmth and wonder, but then feeds on both simply to move forward and propel itself – forever passing on the coded recipe that is its own structure and limits.


Greens, dirts, muds, greys, rains, bodies.

Viriditas is on my mind a lot these days, and it will be in my drawings as well.